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Our commitment is to bring people together through the singing of songs that people bring to our stages in all languages. If you care enough to share it we will back you up and never leave you hanging. Doing this for 8 years our community is strong, diverse, and ready to get down with everyone who comes out to our shows.

We host weekly parties at Caminos De Michoacan (Fridays and Saturdays), Bar Ten Doors (Fridays) and Simone’s (Sundays). And we also organize super special events like the upcoming Pilsen Cruise and the very first Chicago Karaoke Festival.

Welcome to The People’s Stage.

Pablo, Rich, Gonzo and Chris

Weekly Schedule

The People’s Stage is proud to offer Chicago the best karaoke experience  1 night a week rain or shine:

Karaoke Sundays at Simone’s Bar 960 W. 18th st Chicago Il

Karaoke Sundays at Simone’s Bar are wild. Karaoke in a cage with 200+ people every Sunday in Pilsen. no need to say more.